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  • etdz07djpe
    2 minutes ago

    only two enterprises Cheap GOMMETTE SUEDE BALLERINAS VIOLET Sale Free Jingpai, round bottles, premium only 1.4%. Was optimistic about the outsid Cheap Roger Vivier Ballerina Pink With Crystal Buckle Flat Sale Free e world of the old Big Mac oil gas plant, the door yesterday afternoon in auction. had previously expressed interest in the plots Jingpai Guangzhou compa Cheap GOMMETTE SUEDE BALLERINAS RED Sale Free ny, agile property and...

  • dadhitmanb Xbox Live
    1 hour ago 17 minutes ago

    Looking for to join or start a clan for xbox one. Play Ghosts and Titanfall.

  • dadhitmanb has liked Xbox Live's Group

    1 hour ago 19 minutes ago

  • MadHatter5045
    3 hours 50 minutes ago

    More info/ammo on the net neutrality issue:…

  • MadHatter5045
    4 hours 55 minutes ago

    This letter is long but everyone needs to read it. The subject matter has huge impacts on gaming. Net neutrality is serious business!…

  • MadHatter5045 replied to Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    6 hours 44 minutes ago
    Ok... I'm starting to run out of ideas. Have you had your mobile service provider look at your phone yet? I'm really confused about why it only...
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  • takean replied to Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    11 hours 59 minutes ago
    Reading online I dont see a number. A few places mentions 25 devices. I have 6...and at any given time only 3 may be using it at the same time. My...
  • MadHatter5045 replied to Ask Me Anything (AMA)
    12 hours 38 minutes ago
    Does the n600 router have any specifications that says it limits the number of devices that can be connected at a time?
  • StudMuffin
    12 hours 48 minutes ago

    NES Remix 2 is out?
    Impressions coming soon!

  • SoNGoKu33 posted a new discussion

    12 hours 52 minutes ago

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  • SOGTrueBeliever posted a new discussion

    17 hours 50 minutes ago

    1 Peter 1:18-19

    For you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life inherited from the fathers, not with perishable things like silver or gold, but with...

    Daily Bible Verse
  • BloodyReaper213 Prayer Requests
    21 hours 22 minutes ago

    Hey all, I could really use some friends in Christ backing me up right now. I'm just doing pretty badly Christian life-wise.
    1. Pray I become stronger in Christ and that I call on Him when in need of strength and I resist temptation to the point of blood (For Today reference for my Metalhead family)
    2. Pray I am set free from this stronghold and that I remain free, not returning to my sin
    3. Pray I learn to forgive myself and move on
    4. Just pray for me and my walk with God in general. I need all the prayer I can get right now

    Thanks a lot everyone. Always keeping you all in my prayers!

    SoNGoKu33 That's cool dude there's just an option to send invites out to all friends on the site so I just do that. If you don't have the system it's all good just decline/ignore
    4 hours 56 minutes ago
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  • etdz07djpe
    23 hours 38 minutes ago

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    ArmoredSaint613 spammerific!
    7 hours 10 minutes ago
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