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  • Mario Golf for the GBA is a game that combines golf with a role playing stat system. The games tell the story of two young inexperienced golfers who come to the Mario Golf Academy in order to become the best to eventually take on Mario and his friends.
  • Draconian Wars is card based combat game from Kardfy Studios.
  • A three dimensional sci-fi air combat game for the Nintendo 3DS eShop.
  • Solve math problems to receive points in this North American launch title for the NES.
  • Nine robots (calling themselves the Stardroids) who hail from outer space are attacking Earth, and it's up to Mega Man (and his comrades, including his cat Tango) to stop them (with the help of the powerful Mega Arm) in the fifth and last installment of the Game Boy handheld spin-off of the Mega Man series.

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