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markerhungery created a new topic ' Technology' in the forum. 3 days ago

Magic Trackpad-Founded in 2010, Mobee is a forward thinking, dynamic company bringing the whole digital experience to another level. Mobee’s products are distributed to over 50 countries worldwide.


I just want some friends I am lonely.

stevie 77 replied to the topic 'Xbox Game Tag' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

stevie 77


AvengedKreation replied to the topic 'Xbox Game Tag' in the forum. 3 weeks ago



Where is Xur?

Where is Xur? Right here! Xur location updates including a video to guide you to his current spot, a map to find him quickly, and…

At bible study... - at Platte County Community Center South

Anyone play warframe or in a Christian warframe group on ps4? Plz let me know

Vatrin Hey. I'm not part of a group, but I have been looking for some people to play with, if you're interested. 4 weeks ago

This is KJ-52 who I told you about Friday.

kj52 washed up

an amazing song made possible by kj-52 plz enjoy and rate. God bless.

Tetelasti replied to the topic 'PC PEOPLE!' in the forum. 1 month ago

Not me, i am playing elder scrolls online now though


The run with JudgementAwaits and Big E...

Destiny Nightfall Rewards x2 Psion Flayers Loot...

Playing some Destiny Psion Flayer Nightfalls with my son and some subscribers. We do two nightfalls and I show you the nightfall rewards, nightfall...

AvengedKreation replied to the topic 'Halo 5 Official Topic' in the forum. 1 month ago

Gamertag: AvengedKreation

Preferred Time: Back at school, so generally weekends, aiming for Friday Nights around 7 to start, but I generally will play randomly throughout the week, but try weekend nights and mornings


Thanks to JudgementAwaits and Big E for including me in their weekly Nightfall on Destiny!!!

stevie 77 shared a photo. 1 month ago

Looks like hunter armor from Destiny minus the hood and cape.

I love it. Probably my favorite. Psn: unfetered

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JudgmentAwaits added a video. 1 month ago

Podcast attempt #1. would love to hear any constructive criticism you guys have. I know some of you guys in here are pro's in the podcast arena.

Sakred Gaming Podcast #1

Sakred Gaming Podcast Episode #1: We're talking about multiplayer connectivity, Black Ops 3, Fallout 4, Destiny, our favorite game of 2015, the 2016...

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