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September 2014
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    New Releases

    • Dance Central debuts on Xbox One as a downloadable only game.
    • Pirate themed mahjong solitaire game.
    • Free to play MOBA game for PlayStation 3 and Vita.
    • A group of students trapped on the island of Jabberwock must murder their classmates in order to win a cruel game run by the diabolical Monokuma. An action-adventure visual novel game developed by Spike for the PSP.
    • The fourth installment of the Mega Man X series (the first built for 32-bit consoles, bringing a radically-new art style) has heroes Mega Man X and Zero (who now has his own campaign and close-range combat style) investigating the plans of a rogue Reploid anti-Maverick military force known as "Repliforce".

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