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  • Sharp added a video.
    3 hours 56 minutes ago
  • Daffiestfrog41 replied to Clan Application
    8 hours 56 minutes ago

    Gamertag: Daffiestfrog41 Agreement: Yes

  • Re-Tard3 Preacherboy_67
    9 hours 35 minutes ago

    Hey bud... attempted to add you to clan... but for some reason the Advanced Warfare app is saying you dont exist. I will try via my PS4 when i get home... or u can search for our clan on the app and I will approve it. Thanks for joining and God Bless.

  • HammDogg13 shared a video in General Gaming group.
    9 hours 37 minutes ago
    EB Games - Rivals

    For a limited time, Save $10 off Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Offer ends Dec 18:

    This may be the worst video game commercial...ever.

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  • Phase Minecraft
    11 hours 22 minutes ago

    Does anyone play on the xbox one and want to join me?

  • Preacherboy_67 replied to Application for JesusDied4UrSins
    13 hours 30 minutes ago

    Preacherboy_67 Yes

  • Preacherboy_67 uploaded a new avatar.
  • rweyh COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn

    I love this clan but seriously it's really a joke. There's like 5 people who play and there's a clan war going on and it seems everyone is playing Destiny or whatever and not helping at all. Sorry to rant but we are never going to win a war without the other 40 people in the clan actually helping

    rweyh You know I will. I just got a little frustrated with grinding so hard and not having any help. I am losing so much like 9 out of 10 matches is a loss so having others online to help would be great. I totally understand work and what not but what gets me is their are several clan members online playing other games. Thanks for hearing me out and sorry for complaining
  • jaybirdy1101 replied to Application for JesusDied4UrSins

    Jaybirdy101 yes love the lord

  • Re-Tard3 is friends with Ethanlock307
  • HammDogg13 Destiny

    feeling happy

  • HammDogg13 Destiny

    Hey guys! Please check out Tweet it, share it, etc to help support 3DR!

    HammDogg13 @Wrecks had the idea, @JudgmentAwaits makes the video and I update it
    10 hours 6 minutes ago
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  • Skywalker12
    2 days ago…

    The more I read and see about this game, the more I am looking forward to it. This is going to be a big beta: 2 monsters, 8 hunters, and 12 maps! That is a lot of maps. I have also heard that all its DLC will be free. Anyone else think Evolve looks good? I wonder if it will have long lasting replayability?

  • Rodzinator replied to Application for JesusDied4UrSins
    2 days ago

    Rodzinator Yes. Praise the Lord I am saved by His grace and am excited to be part of the team.


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