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  • takean shared a photo.
    4 hours 55 minutes ago

    Motion Student Conference 2014

  • timmaboy97 replied to Ghosts - How to join
    5 hours 41 minutes ago

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. 17 4. PS4 5. beanboy99 6. Friend 7. Yes 8. Yes 9. yes

  • lichtj replied to How was your Destiny Experience?
    7 hours 13 minutes ago

    I'm really excited for this game. Though I didn't have a lot of time to play it it definitely left a good impression. The art is beautiful and it...

  • JudgmentAwaits link a video.
    10 hours 38 minutes ago

    Anyone want to team up on the Xbox One? Going to need some regular people to play with.

  • Skywalker12 Destiny
    11 hours 53 minutes ago

    Check out this great IGN video showing off what high level Destiny characters can do.…

    lichtj It looks like a lot of fun. I really can't wait to dive into it.
    7 hours 17 minutes ago
  • BHerr is friends with Skywalker12
  • Limesticks Nintendo Network
    13 hours 25 minutes ago

    For Wii U people you can add me my Username is Limesticks I am online a lot and have a few various games. Love to play with anyone! Leave a message with the invite about 3DR

  • Lifesong replied to How was your Destiny Experience?
    16 hours 13 minutes ago

    I'm very interested in the coop campaign part of it. I'm not interested much in the multiplayer at all. I didn't care for Halo multiplayer much and...

  • SOGTrueBeliever posted a new discussion

    17 hours 15 minutes ago

    John 1:12-13

    But to all who did receive Him, He gave them the right to be children of God, to those who believe in His name, who were born, not of blood, or of...

    Daily Bible Verse
  • BMY posted a new discussion

    18 hours ago

    Deuteronomy‬ ‭6‬:‭5

    You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. - Deuteronomy‬ ‭6‬:‭5‬ (ESV)

    Daily Bible Verse
  • Skywalker12 replied to How was your Destiny Experience?

    I was impressed by the Beta. I grade the single player experience as a B, the coop play an A, and the competitive multiplayer a C. I think the...

  • Skywalker12 Welcome Mat

    I am a Baptist pastor in Tennessee. I have been a gamer for decades, but this is the first 'clan' I have joined. I am on Xbox One, and right now I play lots of Titanfall. I am looking forward to some co-op on Destiny. I also love RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. My other hobbies include soccer and strategy board games.

    CobraStrike525 I often play some Titanfall, gt is my user name. Friend me.
    10 hours 35 minutes ago 1
  • SoNGoKu33 uploaded a video.

    If you didn't get a chance to play this on PS3, please do yourself a favor and play it on PS4. It is a fantastic experience.

  • SoNGoKu33 uploaded a new avatar.

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