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  • Re-Tard3
    3 minutes ago

    Anyone else pumped about this whole "Share Play" coming to PS4 at the end of Oct. Looks like a really cool idea. Was one of the reasons I bought a PS4.

  • Re-Tard3 PS4 Crucible Sunday Afternoon!
    4 minutes ago

    I do not play Destiny. Not by cup of tea. Thanks for the invite though.

  • C9Deaner replied to Clan Application
    30 minutes ago

    Gamertag: xRedeemedOnEx Agreement: yes absolutely! Pumped to play with you guys!

  • PutUrFaceAway replied to Clan Application
    1 hour 42 minutes ago

    Gamertag: Jesterz7 Agreement: Yes I do work two full time jobs and have 5 kids I will be as active as I can.

  • PutUrFaceAway PS4 Crucible Sunday Afternoon!
    3 hours 32 minutes ago

    Would love to join but I only have this on the xbone

    PutUrFaceAway Sounds good I have added you as well. I play late in the evenings so Ill hit you up if I see you online
    1 hour 46 minutes ago 1
  • PutUrFaceAway Destiny
    3 hours 35 minutes ago

    Looking for a couple people who would like to team up later tonight and help me level a new character on Destiny. I have a level 27 Hunter and would like to add another character to my options. Bad part is I work two full time jobs and I dont get off work until 11:00 pm mst. if you are up that late and would like to help me please follow me on the xbone GT is Jesterz7 and we can join up. Thank you.

  • CTU JEFFnKARLY added a new event
    3 hours 40 minutes ago
  • CTU JEFFnKARLY COD Clan [Xbox 360] 3DR Live4Christ
    3 hours 43 minutes ago

    What is everyone looking forward to the most about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare?

  • CTU JEFFnKARLY COD Clan [Xbox 360] 3DR Live4Christ
    3 hours 44 minutes ago

    All 360 players please join the group 3DR Live4Christ on ghosts if you have ghosts I want to get everyone possible there before the switch and I still need to choose a co leader so please join

  • C9Deaner COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    5 hours 17 minutes ago

    Alright guys! Couldn't wait! Got the Xbox one! Gamer tag is. xRedeemedOnEx

  • C9Deaner COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    6 hours 19 minutes ago

    Oops! Lol bought an Xbox one today! Setting it up now! Couldn't wait for the COD edition! Will let you all know my gamer tag soon

  • rweyh is friends with Comb4tchuck
  • FREEZExFRAME uploaded a new avatar.
  • C9Deaner COD Clan [Xbox One] 3 Day Respawn
    13 hours 6 minutes ago

    it's so hard to wait for the xbox one call of duty bundle to come out! I'm about to break and go ahead and buy a regular one! LOL JK but seriously tho.

    FREEZExFRAME I hear you man... I'm really bad about that kind of stuff! I had both the PS4 and the Xbox One for a while and finally decided keeping both was probably overkill so dumped the PS4. Sold it the same night I listed it on Craigslist for full price back when they were really in demand.
    11 hours 48 minutes ago 1
  • HammDogg13 change PS4 Crucible Sunday Afternoon! event's avatar

    13 hours 19 minutes ago

  • HammDogg13 has changed the cover of the event; PS4 Crucible Sunday Afternoon!

    13 hours 20 minutes ago

  • HammDogg13 added a new event
    13 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Comb4tchuck Destiny
    13 hours 38 minutes ago

    I will be on tonight. Invite away for anything really. Would like to tackle the nightfall or heroic, but whatever is fine. 28 Titan.

    lichtj I should be on tonight as well. I think I'm 6 light away from 26!
    6 hours 48 minutes ago


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