Please introduce yourself here! Where are you from? What games do you play? etc...
  • Category: General
  • Created : Sunday, 27 October 2013
  • Metal Gear Solid

    Metal Gear Solid

    Created on: Saturday, 24 May 2014
    Any metal gear solid fans? Feel free to join up! Figured this would be a good place talk strategy, speed runs, help players gain S-ranks and clarify the ridiculous Byzantine Plot the game has woven.
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  • COD:Ghosts


    Created on: Tuesday, 13 May 2014
    This is my first time creating a page on here. But I am created this page so that Call of Duty Ghosts players can find each other. I am always looking for someone to play as a team as most games people dont play as a team. SO here is a group so people can find people to play COD: Ghosts with. And Post Ghosts news when you have something new about it or saw something in game or whatever. God Bless to all
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  • 7DTD DayOne

    7DTD DayOne

    Created on: Monday, 07 April 2014
    7 Days to Die (7DTD) is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that is a unique mash up of First Person Shooter, Survival Horror, Tower Defense and Role Playing Games combining combat, crafting, looting, mining, exploration, and character growth. While it is still in Alpha...
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    Created on: Thursday, 20 March 2014
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  • Mech Warrior Online

    Mech Warrior Online

    Created on: Monday, 10 March 2014
    If you enjoyed all the classic Mech Warrior games you will love this free online Mech Warrior game. Most of the classic mechs with more releasing regularly. This is a free PC download that you can get at
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  • League Of Legends

    League Of Legends

    Created on: Thursday, 06 February 2014
    This is for anyone that plays or watches League of Legends. This is a free game on PC. just download at Really want to get a good group of Christian gamers in here! Post if you play and we will get set up. Also looking to in the future starting a ranked team.
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  • Pro Gaming

    Pro Gaming

    Created on: Wednesday, 15 January 2014
    This group is designed for all fans of professional gaming (eSports). Here we can discuss eSports such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and League of Legends without the mild language and inappropriate arguments sometimes found on Twitter.
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  • Respawn Gaming Ministry

    Respawn Gaming Ministry

    Created on: Friday, 27 December 2013
    Respawn is a gaming group centered around Christ. We meet weekly in Ashland Wisconsin. We play a large variety of games such from COD and Halo, to Mortal Combat, to rts games. Everyone is welcome as long as they are in high school or middle school and are a guy. We also have bible studies every 3...
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  • 3 Nails (COD Ghosts clan)

    3 Nails (COD Ghosts clan)

    Created on: Monday, 23 December 2013
    We are a COD Ghosts Clan.  There is only 3 of us right now but we are all youth ministers and would like some more people to join (don't have to be youth ministers)  in our quest for being awesome.  We all play on xbox but any console is welcome.  I am the clan leader (BeastlySkittles) so send a request either to me on 3dr or use the Ghosts app if you want to join.  We are currently gold tier.
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  • Mobile Gaming

    Mobile Gaming

    Created on: Tuesday, 17 December 2013
    This group is for talking about about gaming on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms
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  • Devotional


    Created on: Tuesday, 17 December 2013
    This is a place for staff and members to share there knowledge of scripture.
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  • Orange Box

    Orange Box

    Created on: Friday, 13 December 2013
    A group for all the Orange Box games fans, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 alike. 
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  • Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans

    Created on: Friday, 13 December 2013
      Come and clan up with 3dayrespawn on your phone or tablet as we ransack and plunder together! post up here to remind people of donations or just to come and chat with you! no trophies needed so all are welcome. Lets pass through those coffee breaks and random boring trips to the mall together. let me know about this post through 3dr on the game app who you are and i will make you elder!The clan is called 3dayrespawn find us :) -Meta4ick
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  • Elder Scrolls Online

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Created on: Wednesday, 11 December 2013
    Come get prepared to scavenge the continent Tamriel with your fellow 3DR members. Set 1000 years before Skyrim and 800 years before Morrowind and Oblivion, come take up sword and shield and help us fight for the throne of the Emperor of Tamriel.
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  • Tom Clancy's "The Division"

    Tom Clancy's "The Division"

    Created on: Wednesday, 11 December 2013
    We are excited about the upcoming Tom Clancy game "The Division"
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC)

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC)

    Created on: Monday, 02 December 2013
    Come join me on some Battlefront 2 available on steam for $9.99 My steam name is 3dr_mr_taco
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  • Destiny


    Created on: Friday, 22 November 2013
    This group is dedicated to discussing and celebrating the newest Bungie game: Destiny.  
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  • Minecraft


    Created on: Thursday, 21 November 2013
    Minecraft 24/7! Vanilla, Mods, Survival, Creative its all good!
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  • Titanfall


    Created on: Wednesday, 20 November 2013
    Talk about all things Titanfall here!
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  • Welcome Mat

    Welcome Mat

    Created on: Sunday, 27 October 2013
    Please introduce yourself here! Where are you from? What games do you play? etc...
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